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Our Production Capacity Adds up to Producing 3 Million Meters Per Month. Textile facilities are an essential part of the clothing and textiles industry, and they play a vital role in the production of a wide range of textile products. 

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Our textile facilities have specialized rooms and areas, each designed for a specific step in the production process. These may include raw material storage areas, cutting rooms, stitching Units, finishing rooms, and quality control labs.

Rotary Printing Machines

State of the art rotary printing machine with Color Capacity of Around 12-15 Colors and up to 3050 mm Printing Width

Stenters EU Made

A machine which is designed to improve the energy and production efficiency up to highest level for the Textile Finishing processes. 

Curing Machines (3050 mm) E.U Made

It is a device used to set or fix dye in fabrics. It typically uses heat, chemicals, or steam to help the dye bond with the fabric fibers and become colorfast.

Calendar Machines E.U Made

It consists of a series of rollers mounted in a frame, with at least two rollers being heated. The material to be treated is fed through the rollers, which apply pressure and heat to the material, causing it to become smoother and more uniform.

Singeing Machines

The fabric passes over a burning gas flame at such a speed that only the protruding fibres burn and the main body of the fabric is not damaged by the flame.

IR Dyeing Machines E.U Made

In this process, the fabric is placed in a dye bath and exposed to IR radiation, which causes the dye molecules to become more reactive and bond more strongly with the fibers of the fabric.

Weft Straightener machines

Brand new Bianco weft straighteners installed with Stenter Machines to make sure that there are no bowing issues while printing the fabrics.

Other Facilities

  • Sampling Machines
  • Drawing Ranges
  • Jiggers Machines(Pressure and Open )