We offer pigment printed and dyed materials, having processing facilities all under one roof. The raw gets in and packed/finished product leaves.

With the help of modern machinery and skilled human resource, we are able to export 3.2 million meters of fabrics coupled with 18 – 20 containers of retail packed / finished items from our stitching department.

Explicit details are as follows


76 Air Jet looms of Picanol - Belgium, working width 110" - 134"

Reliable outsourcing to meet the needs of our clients in Sulzer looms, Auto Looms and Power Looms.


Complete bleaching plant

Jigger and Continuous Dyeing

2 rotaries of 15 color each in repeat sizes of 640mm, 914mm and 1028 mm

one is made by ‘Zimmer’ and other is by ‘ Rigginai’

1 rotary printing machine 80" 12 color operational bed

made by ‘ Rigginai ’

5 stentors of Bruckner and Artos 'MONTOX'

3 Calnders with Chintz finishing facility


200 stitching and special machines, working to produce customized products

Quality control:

Our products have been certified by SGS, STR, and other individual inspecting agencies as WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS.

We also have in house quality control system which checks meter by meter of fabric and every piece of stitched article with keen eye so to ship 100% quality products.

We also have full scale modern laboratory to test the products in our mills where we check Construction, Blend ratio, Weight of material, Color fastness tests, Washing fastness tests, Pilling and other quality tests.

Not a single shipment can be made without doing quality tests as we are committed to deliver products complying with international quality standards.